The Top 5 Reasons I See Women Not Attracting Clients suzanneproksa June 6, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons I See Women Not Attracting Clients

The Top 5 Reasons I See Women Not Attracting Clients

This is a tough topic because nobody wants to admit they may be to blame for their client attraction woes but the truth is, that is usually where the blame lies. Let’s dive in.

1. Lack of Clarity

I see women every day who cannot easily tell me what they do and who they serve. This is a huge problem because if you don’t know, your potential clients don’t know either. If they see you posting about weight loss one day and Fibromyalgia tips the next, they are going to be confused.

You need to choose what you are going to be THE expert in and stay in your lane. The only way to be that expert and provide what your people want and will PAY for is to live it, love it and do it. Every damn day.

2. Mindset Woes and Fear

Women seem to have a natural tendency to collect mindset woes like party favors and then add a nice dose of fear to top off the mix.

Are you a collector?

Some of the most popular things I see are comparisonitis, money blocks, issues with worth, terror over charging money and not thinking their services or products are good enough.

Fear can hold back even the strongest of business badasses on a bad day. The key here is to use that 5 Second Rule and just get off that hiney and DO the thing. Most things we fear aren’t scary at all…we just perceive them that way and then realize it was no big deal when it’s all over.

3. Lack of Action

“I’m gonna” means absolutely nothing if you don’t. If you aren’t taking action every single day in your business, typically a lot more than once, you are stagnant. Businesses that make money require action upon action every single day. There is social media to partake in, emails to send, podcasts to record, blogs to write, programs to create, customer service to rock, partnerships to create, relationships to build, etc.

4. Lack of Visibility

Listen. If you think posting on social media once a day or week is going to get you clients you are wrong. I want you to think about how long it takes to get to know a person in real life. Not only that but what things do you have to do to pull of that feat. It’s quite a bit. Now apply that to your business and add some additional time. You need to be front and center every day, helping people, and showing your stuff. It’s not a race but it is a crucial piece of your business. People buy from who they know and if you’re busy hiding, they aren’t going to go seek.

5. Lack of a Plan (aka Willy Nilly)

Willy Nilly is a technical term. Here’s the dealio. I cannot even begin to tell you how many women I see just throwing stuff out there with no plan and no purpose and then wondering why the clients don’t flock.

You need a game plan with an end in mind. You need a flow so that you can craft things that lead to one another. And you need to have a purpose for everything you put out there. No that purpose isn’t to fill that gap in your Tailwind grid. Underwater basket weaving does not belong on your beautiful Instagram grid in the middle of all of your high end business posts.

If you don’t have a launch you are ramping up for then try themes or simply sticking rigidly to that area of expertise so people aren’t confused by what you’re putting out there.