5 Steps to Achieve (Im)Possible Goals as a Busy Female Entrepreneur suzanneproksa June 6, 2021

5 Steps to Achieve (Im)Possible Goals as a Busy Female Entrepreneur

5 Steps to Achieve (Im)Possible Goals as a Busy Female Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no joke, especially if you are juggling multiple things in life – being a momma, working full-time, or both. This can make our goals seem impossible and cause us to wave the white flag on our dreams (which are there for a reason by the way).

In this article, I’m going to talk about a technique that will have you reaching those goals and finally exclaiming, “I did it!!!”

I’m going to break it down into steps for you.

1. Pick one thing to tackle.

First, you want to look at which item or items on your to-do list for your business will get you the most traction. Is it that book? Is it that course you can’t seem to get created? A program that you have stuck in your head that will help thousands of women? Or even a Facebook live promise to yourself – 30 days straight or bust? Let your intuition guide you…it’s rarely wrong.

2. Figure out the scope of the project.

How much time is it going to take? What tasks are required? What skills are required? Write it all down. Leave no stone unturned.

3. Divide and conquer.

Look at what you wrote down in step 2. Which items can be outsourced? Which items are things only you can do? Let’s get real here…only you can do the writing portion of big things like books and actually keep it real. Who can you outsource to? If you don’t know, start doing the research and planning to pass off everything (and I do mean everything) that can be handed off.

4. Look at your available time and resources.

We all know there is only so much time in the day and that is often what derails us when these projects and goals come up. Be realistic. If this thing is important, you CAN make the time. Whether the time is there already (even if it’s only a half hour) or we have to carve it out. There are two things the former health coach in me never encourages anyone to cut out – exercise and sleep. Don’t do it. If there is a cash shortage, where can you make some money to get it done? I can’t afford it doesn’t fly with me and that’s coming from someone who didn’t have money for 1,000,256 things and still figured it out. #toughlove

5. Create a plan.

It’s time to create a doable plan that you will stick to. It is critical to make sure that your plan is within reason because if it isn’t, it is an invite to fail and obviously nobody wants that. If you only have a half hour a day….that’s all you have. Use it wisely to tackle that goal. You would be surprised how quickly you can put a book or program together, for instance, in a half hour a day if you stick to your schedule!