THE 8-week intensive marketing course for female entrepreneurs who want to bring EASE back into their marketing and CASH back into their bank accounts so they can live the lives on their vision boards while making an IMPACT doing exactly what they LOVE.

Imagine this

If you do the work the possibilities for you include….


✔ Find your core mission and message (No more confusion and talking to non-attentive walls) … and pssstt…a LOT of women think they have this down but they don’t.

 ✔ Establish yourself as a beloved expert that people seek out…you know…to PAY you and feature YOU 

✔ Develop the confidence to shout your message from the rooftops (without losing that pricy Starbucks ☕️ breakfast)

 ✔ Leverage the RIGHT social media and publicity to make your brand a HOT 🔥 commodity

✔ Create a simple strategy that doesn’t leave you with your head on the desk in exhaustion wishing for Calgon (or Thor…I choose Thor) to take you away

 ✔ Draft content that is as easy as wine 🍷 and chit chat

 ✔ Steal Suzanne’s *super secret* Business on Fire model to help you laser in that email marketing to get them feening for your next offer #dollabillsyall 💵

✔ Pitch blogs, Facebook Groups, podcasts and publications without sheer panic and heart palpitations … you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout

about suzanne

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps driven female entrepreneurs with online service and product based businesses become client magnets and marketing ninjas with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne’s heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling stuff in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy. Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life – business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global and on her beloved podcast, Business Mojo and Margaritas where she gets all up in your business in 20 minutes or less.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

Suzanne can be found all over social media spreading her message of empowerment and elevating women to achieve what they thought they never could.

the deets on what’s included

This program is an intensive 8-week course starting January 14, 2019 designed to help YOU create a plan for your marketing that flows with EASE and dazzles your dreamboat customers so you can get back to doing what you LOVE, making an IMPACT, filling that bank account with CASH, and sipping margaritas on a sandy BEACH somewhere (surely it’s 5 o’clock).

I’ve added TOP experts in their fields and a BONUS week for those who do the work to make sure that you have the TOOLS and OPTIONS (yes…options) to achieve a point in your marketing where you get EXCITED about doing it.


The program includes:

✔ Weekly dripped modules with videos, audio and worksheets (I know you dig the worksheets) – LIFETIME ACCESS yo!

✔ Facebook community where you get access to Suzanne, can interact with other members, post for feedback, and find accountability partners

✔ Templates to help you with content creation, publishing and pitching

✔ LIVE trainings with Suzanne that will help you create a solid strategy with ease and get excited about your marketing

✔ LIVE Guest Experts to give you MASSIVE added value

✔ Participants who get 30 engagement points (aka…do the work) get lifetime access to The After Party, a BONUS week full of top notch experts presenting LIVE in areas like mindset, SEO, social media platforms, and content creation

✔ Ability to upgrade to VIP and get 1:1 coaching + Messenger, Voxer or email access to Suzanne during the program for an additional $2,000👊🏻

weekly rundown and your takeaways if you “werk”

Week 1: Your Sexy Core Message

✔Ditch the stodgy salesy messaging of yesteryear, create your sexy core message, and start having FUN putting yourself out there (rather than cringing behind the keyboard with a gallon of wine every time you have to create). This my friend is TRUE freedom.

✔Develop a rinse and repeat system that leads prospects through a FUN process of falling in love with you so that launches become something that no longer makes you want to hide in a corner in the fetal position with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

✔Develop the rock solid confidence you need to overcome the F word – FEAR. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of judgement and fear of looking like an imposter will have NO room in your beautiful head.

Week 2: Buying and Selling Psychology

✔Nail down what is important to your end customer, so they can’t help but realize they SO need what you’re throwing down.

Develop a plan to romance your dream customer into buying from you even if you are an introvert and run for higher land when you hear the words, “SALES” and “FUNNEL.”

Create a system for Discovery Calls that leads to only qualified prospects taking up your valuable time and ends with people asking you how they pay you.

Week 3: No Brainer Offers and Freebies That Attract Like Hotcakes…and the Mindset Woes That Get in the Way

✔Work through the mindset issues that are keeping you from successfully creating, pricing, and selling your offers with ease.

Create free offers with SO much value that people beg for what’s next and tell their friends that they MUST “check this girl out!”

Make a plan to communicate the value and benefits that your offers provide so those dream worthy customers simply can’t say no.

Week 4: Effortless and FUN Content Creation

✔Develop a content creation plan that drives new customers and referrals straight to your Work with Me page while you have a BLAST and provide epic VALUE.

Provide value without giving away the WHOLE farm. We will discuss how to provide JUST enough to create curiosity and jump up and down excitement for the next thing you’re serving up!

Put together a plan to remain consistent with your content plan despite life demands like soul sucking 9 to 5s, energetic kiddos who bounce around like Tigger, demanding hubbies, and chronic illnesses that refuse to give you a damn break.

Create a system to share your best content on autopilot leading to website visitors, email signups, and sales while you get your beauty sleep.

Week 5: Email Marketing That Converts to Cash

✔Uncover my signature system for laser focusing your email marketing DIRECTLY to the people who want what you’re putting out there. No more mass broadcasts to people who could care less.

Develop an email strategy that uses a sexy combo of your message and voice with EXACTLY what your peeps need right at that moment. Mmmm hmmm… can you say open rates that kick the pants off of the norm?

Create a rinse and repeat plan that feels GOOD to you and won’t have people jumping ship by email #3 of a 30 email series (just say NO to 30 emails) yet still gets you record sales.

Week 6: Social Media and Video Marketing with Ease

✔Choose the PERFECT platforms so you aren’t wasting hours to impress only your mom and friends.  And yeah…I will teach you how to use Instagram and LinkedIn if you need it (without you shelling out another $500 for a course)!

✔Create a social media marketing plan that only takes you 30-60 minutes a day to execute yet provides solid sales.

Put together a strategy and unstoppable mindset for leveraging LIVE video to create raving fans and get those PayPal notifications rolling in on overdrive.

Dive into my PROVEN tips and tricks to help you use Facebook as a lead generating powerhouse. We will discuss all things groups, business pages, and personal pages.

Week 7: Publicity for Expert Status and Cash Attraction

✔Blast the “Saturated Market” theory with a publicity plan that has you standing SO far out from the crowd that you are THE choice.

Discover how to get publications to stand up and take notice and say “YES!” to your submissions.

Dive into the skinny on getting featured in Facebook Groups, Summits and live events.

Discover the who, what, why and how of getting yourself featured on podcasts.

Create a podcast that has people waiting with popcorn and wine for the next episode.

Week 8: Leverage Customer Experience, Referrals and Affiliate Marketing to Skyrocket Your Success

✔Create a customer experience that leads to epic success for your customers, people raving about you to their friends, and customers coming back for more. You’ll get the deets about my system that led to my being a Featured Seller on Etsy out of the blue and $8,000 in candle sales in one weekend (unheard of).

Discover creative ways to encourage referrals to your products and services that will cost you NADA.

Dive into the benefits of affiliate marketing and how to set up your own affiliate marketing program to boost your sales by thousands…or more!

Put it all together to create systems that will have you building your business at a comfortable rate without the exhaustion and fails that come with doing the wrong things or not enough.

your guest experts

I’ve secured some of the BEST experts in the online space to help make sure that you have the tools and knowledge you need to make this thing a slam dunk!

Instagram Marketing

YouTube and SEO

Email Strategy

Pinterest Marketing

Optimizing Websites and Blogging Success

LinkedIn Marketing

bonus!  the after party

The After Party is a BONUS week for those of you who earn at least 30 Engagement Points in the program by doing the lessons. You will get access to LIVE sessions from a variety of EXPERTS who will help you make sure your marketing efforts are an EPIC success.


Automation Workshop

Instagram Bios

From DIY to PRO with SEO

Mindset and Visibility Strategy

Design and Business

investment options

Go EPIC or go EPIC VIP…you have options!


You’ve got questions.  I’ve got answers!


When does the program start?

Your access will open up on January 14, 2019!

How much time will it take me each week?

I will have things split up into the things you need to do, my suggestions for additional work, and then even more for my high achievers.

That said, you should estimate at least 2 hours a week but I truly feel you need to plan for 3 hours to attend guest expert training, training with Suzanne, go through the lessons, and create a solid plan for yourself.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to the materials. I don’t take your access away at the end like a lot of higher level coaches out of fear you’ll “steal” something.  I trust you understand copyright law.

This is a hybrid program though.  It is intended to give you live support during the program, access to experts, and more that can’t be experienced properly if you just view the content.  Not participating will certainly affect your results.

OMG....I heard you do affiliates! Is that true?

It is true rockstar!

Sign up at and after you sign your contract, you will get access to links to use to tell all of your biz besties!


What about refunds?

This program, as do my others, requires the participant to work to get results. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t.  I have full confidence that if you do what you need to, you will see results so no refunds here.  

However, you will have lifetime access to the materials and all videos that I am able to capture from LIVE sessions.

PLUS … if you find yourself struggling, please reach out to me and I will help you.