the crickets crusher workbook

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I see you over there feeling defeated because the clients aren’t knocking on your door. Meanwhile Lucy Loo Fancy Pants is raking in the dough like crazy pants….or at least she says she is. What has she got that you don’t?

You are completely exhausted from doing all of the things and absolutely nothing is working. You are “this” close to calling it quits and you are starting to hate your business which was once the love of your life.

You have no idea why this dream of yours isn’t working out and you’re getting tired of trying to figure it all out.

Don’t worry girl…. I’ve got you.

I still remember the day I looked at my bank account and there was only $50 in there. I remember the panic and the hatred I was developing for my business. I remember uttering three words that my stubborn self rarely uses….”I give up.”

But then I got help. I got focused. I ditched the things that weren’t serving me well. And I lasered in on the things that were must-dos for my business to breathe fresh air again.

If you are ready to give yourself a dose of honesty and tough love so you can turn this thing around, I’ve got what you need to get started. But only if you are ready to get out of deep abyss that I remember all too well. Only if your why is bigger than your present. Only if you will do some work and not just toss this aside like that freebie from last week.

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The 5 Second Rule starts now…. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Grab my free Crickets Crusher Workbook to get some insight on what might be missing from the mix that’s making your business ground zero for this unwanted serenade.