It’s Time to Get Seen.

and make those

dreams come true.

client love

“prepping for my tax appointment later today— not only did i TRIPLE my business income
last year, but i am getting a HEFTY return back.

thank you suzanne! that was all thanks to your guidance! ❤️❤️❤️❤️” – Lisa Cipkar

Welcome beautiful!

I’m Suzanne Proksa.  Business Strategist for impact driven women in their early years of business.  I’m here to help you get clarity, some much needed ease in your business, and seen as a force in the online space sister.

In my 5 years as a coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women gain confidence, establish clarity in their businesses, get visible, create simple strategies and automation to grow their businesses, crush their tech challenges, and start making cash.


Sound Familiar?

Days Spent Hiding

Clients Who Haven't Seen You

Days Stuck at a 9 to 5 (While You Hide)

Glasses of Wine Consumed Over Your Bank Account

confidence. ease. impact.


After many years of coaching, one thing that I’ve learned is what is important to my clients.  Some things are 100% universal. 

The women I work with have struggled with crippling CONFIDENCE issues which kept them grounded in the past.  Typically not just one, but several, mindset issues that have them second guessing themselves at every single turn. 

These women are desperately looking for something…anything to help make running their businesses easier without all of the late nights and crazy marketing tactics that absolutely did NOT fit who they are and how they best present themselves.  My clients with chronic illness and 9 to 5’s often start out completely exhausted and feeling like it will never work out for them.  They are begging for EASE in their businesses to give them a damn break.

And one recurring theme is that these amazing and beautiful souls are looking to make some kind of an IMPACT.  Often times it’s improving the lives of other women so they don’t endure what they’ve endured or have the support they need.  Sometimes it’s creating a legacy that their sons and daughters will be proud of.  Other times it’s wanting to be a household name.  Sometimes they want to make an IMPACT on their own lives – better health, less stress, freedom to just be, and to find enlightenment in their journey.

That is why I use my Confidence. Ease. Impact. framework as the basis for any program I put into the world.  

This framework provides a solid foundation for the client attraction, visibility, marketing, and creative strategy that I help my clients with.



Women online have no shortage of issues with confidence and mindset that leave them hiding and stalled leading to invisibility and unachieved dreams. 

I work with you to uncover what’s keeping you from shining your light as brightly as you can and give you tools to work through and prevent these pesky dream stealers so you can get seen as the leader you are.


Marketing and getting visible in the busy online space online have many a female entrepreneur throwing up their hands in confusion and exhaustion. 

I work with my rockstar clients to create simple strategies and systems that get them seen in the right places and forge a path for them to be called out as THE go-to person in their space. 

Side Effect Warning: No more spending hours at a keyboard in tears with gallons of coffee at midnight.


Most of the women I know online are looking to make an impact while they make a life. 

I work with women with a strong why and mission to make those powerful missions a reality and create a strong foundation to lead and improve the lives of others while they create a vision board life for themselves at the same time.

Coaching Packages

your options

My coaching packages are all about YOUR needs.  That’s why you don’t see a list of what we will cover.  We focus on EXACTLY what you need to get your mindset in order, clarity in your business, a visibility + marketing plan that works with your strengths and dazzles your ideal peeps, .and strategy that doesn’t leave you with an empty tank.

Note: Women signing up for an intensive must already be clear on their mission and who their ideal client is.  The intensive is intended to create a solid visibility plan in 30 days.

Visible and Unforgettable Intensive

Duration >> 1 Month

*Only for established entrepreneurs looking to create a solid visibility plan.

  • 4 – 1:1 30 Minute Coaching Sessions by Phone or Voxer
  • Unlimited Email Access for 30 Days
  • Unlimited Messenger Access for 30 Days
  • Access to Suzanne’s Courses and Tools for 30 Days

Investment:  $2,497 Pay in Full


Visible and Profitable Coaching Package

Duration >> 4 Months 

  •  12 – 1:1 30 Minute Coaching Sessions by Phone or Voxer
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Unlimited Messenger Access
  • Access to Suzanne’s Courses and Tools
  • SuzCrew Elite VIP Membership for Duration of Program

Investment:  $6,997 Pay in Full

Strategize Magnetize and Monetize Coaching Package

Duration >> 6 Months

  • 18 – 1:1 30 Minute Coaching Sessions by Phone or Voxer
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Unlimited Messenger Access
  • Access to Suzanne’s Courses and Tools
  • SuzCrew Elite VIP Membership for Duration of Program

Investment:  $9,997 Pay in Full

THE Love 

"Suzanne helped me perfect my copy for value posts and sales pages, streamline my content, blow up my Instagram and live with the confidence that I am worthy, deserving and capable of creating a business that supports my family and truly saves lives at the same time."

Lisa Cipkar

"Without coaching, I would still be on that hamster wheel, running 1,000 miles an hour! Thank you Suzanne, for not only helping me get the heck over myself and my limited beliefs and using my story to show how much of a Rockstar I am. She also helped me create a plan of attack to become the next household name in Energy and making Health and Wellness a Party! "

Jennifer Dragonette-Jacobsen

"I worked with Suzanne Proksa because I needed to change my mindset about my business to get visible. Suzanne helped me by motivating me to try something new and different. She steered me toward where my people were. The result was that I stepped out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube Channel! This allowed me to reach so many more people and do something that I never thought I would do. One thing that I liked was Suzanne's no-nonsense approach to working with her clients. She will let you know what your business needs with solutions that you never thought were available. I found the experience amazing and just the shift that I needed in my business. I would recommend Suzanne Proksa to people who need help with motivation and mindset to get your business to where it deserves to be. "

Angie Fancher