affiliate program

Program Details




I like to keep it simple!

You get a 20% commission for each completed sale you refer to an affiliate designated program or service.  Even more for special programs!

Payments are paid within 14 days of the final payment for the program or service the referred person participated in.

For some programs, I will even give a special discount for people who sign up using an affiliate link!




Just as with your own marketing, selling from the heart as an affiliate is just as king (or queen).

I believe the best way for you make an impact and sell my programs and services is to tell story from the heart.

For some programs and services, I will provide “suggested” copy but you are encouraged to use sales page copy infused with your story about why you think your peeps must have program or service.

I do provide photos from my photo shoots and photo stock that I have purchased to help.




Once you sign up, I will send you the affiliate agreement to sign so keep an eye out for it!